Sunday, May 02, 2010

Why I Can't Diet in Panama City

We've been to the Panama City area of Florida enough times so that we've decided on favorite restaurants. Fortunately for us (and everyone else) there are two exceptionally good places. Both are for non-vegetarians, so if there's a great vegetarian restaurant there we don't know of it.

One of the first restaurants we discovered there was Angelo's Steak Pit. We decided to stop in there on our very first visit many years ago when we saw the giant bull statue out front. Luckily for us, the steaks were great--the best either of us have ever had. No bull. Every time we go to the area, we make sure to have at least one meal at Angelo's. Beef, of course.

The giant bull statue out front.

Carole and me sitting for a self-portrait.

Our other favorite eaterie in Panama City is Boondocks. It's a seafood place and it serves the best seafood we've sampled down there. The food there is so good that we followed up our first visit there with a second the following night. This place is also on our list of must-do when we're in the panhandle of Florida.

Carole having some fried shrimp. The best around, no doubt!

This is the new section of the restaurant. It wasn't there when we found the place many years ago.

This was the old restaurant we found when we were kids. Now it's just a part of a much larger building. People ate there and the word spread about the quality of the food.

You've got to love a restaurant that has a parking lot loaded with live oaks. Very cool.


Lawrence Roy said...

Please don't get angry with me but...DAMN! that's the hottest photo of Carole I've ever seen. Some women just look better and better as they age, and your wife just happens to be one of them. You lucky bastard!

HemlockMan said...

I'm sure that will make Carole very happy! She has lost a lot of weight over the past year and, yes, she's getting better looking as she ages.