Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We're Killing Everything

It's obvious to me that our Earth's ecosystem is in the final stages of dissolution. You don't even have to go very far to see it. Just in the area of the Carolinas you can witness the devastation wrought by invasive species introduced by that most horrible of invasives, Mankind. There are so many of our native plants and trees in peril of extirpation and extinction that I tire of thinking of it. So, too, are many of our animals at risk of vanishing entirely from the scene.

We sit and watch as oil companies destroy our seas, and coal companies wreck our watersheds, and timber companies denude our forests, and real estate firms pave over our rural green spaces and farmlands. Every day we lose unique areas forever. With each passing hour we see ancient species wiped away.

And there's nothing, apparently, to be done for it because we are led by a tiny group of masters whose goal it is to gather about them indescribable personal wealth. And all of this wealth at the cost of the very things that support us all. We sit and do nothing to stop these greedheads when, in fact, they should all be killed.

We're never going to see things put right. Of this I am finally convinced. All we can do at this point is wait while the tiny group at the top of the mass of humans finishes off what remains of Earth's Pleistocene glory. Like an overpopulation of pests degrading their own environment until their system collapses, we seem to be aimed like an arrow at a target we know as extinction. We'll never reach the stars. We'll never touch the planets. We'll never again venture outside the orbit of this globe whose atmosphere we are even now poisoning beyond repair.

As I have learned in my relatively brief life: generally speaking, the bad guys win. Alas.

Thanks for small favors, you pro-corporate Tea Party assholes.

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