Monday, May 03, 2010

Vacation Residence

Probably a last look at the Gulf before mass extinctions:

We had a very nice condo on our vacation to Panama City Beach. Because Carole has a friend who is immigrating from the USA to Australia, she had a week of time-share that she couldn't use. So she let us have that week for a cleaning fee. Otherwise we could never have afforded such a spot.

It was nice to have the full two bedrooms and the kitchen, balcony, two baths, etc. This was not the kind of thing we could normally afford, so it was extra nice.

As for Carole's pal, she had immigrated from South Africa to the USA some time back. But after staying here for a number of years she decided that the USA is not, actually, "number one". So they went to Australia, looked around at the society there as opposed to here, decided that it's superior. Then they bought a house there, sold their house here, and now they're off to live in a better country. So it goes. Carole is very sad to see her friend leaving us, but all things considered I have to agree with them for leaving. The USA just isn't all that the propaganda claims that it is.

Carole and her mom just before we vacated the room. From our 13th floor balcony.

I took this one the evening before. The dark shape below the sun is a cool kite a guy was flying on the beach with his little boy.

A short video tour of the premises.

A view looking down the beach from the condo tower. I will assume that very soon these white sand beaches will be fouled with oil and that much of the marine life will be washing up, dead, from the toxins. It's time to start killing the men who make billions raping our world.

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