Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Corporate Crimes

British Petroleum is responsible for what could be the worst ecological disaster to ever occur within the United States of America. We must not allow the industrialists who rule this nation to blame the average citizen for the simple fact that we use the products which they provide. We are forced to consume the Earth-burning toxins that drive the economy for the reason that the corporations who took our government from us will not allow any alternatives. They make obscene profits from the poisonous ways in which they procure the elements that lie within our planet. We cannot allow them to deny their crimes and lay those acts at the feet of the common man.

The time has long since passed when we must destroy the companies that drill for oil, tear the Earth for coal, and poison our water and our air and our soil. They need to stop what they're doing. If they won't do so voluntarily, then they need to be forced to cease and desist. I don't care if we legislate a cease and desist order, or achieve this end by other means, including violence. If we don't put a stop to it, we're going to lose everything that each of us needs for our basic existence.

These energy companies must either change their ways, or they must be totally, completely, utterly destroyed. The men who sit on their boards and serve as their executive officers, and the ones who shill for them within our political system must all be made to pay. Enough of their crimes.

I'm sick of watching my world die a strangling, offensive, hideous death so that a very few can enjoy personal wealth.

The time has come to end these monstrous, criminal, murdering firms.

Yes, Corporate America, there is justice.

Sara Pee

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