Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Looking Forward

Roughly a year ago I was in the mountains on the Virginia and West Virginia border. It's a breathtakingly beautiful area. It's packed with gorgeous scenery, a great system of clean waterways, lots of wildlife and plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. Because we opted to take a really big step and splurge on a very expensive vacation in August (Yellowstone/Grand Tetons), we've had to put off our normal excursions to various locations in our native southern high country. I really miss the mountains, and every week I miss it a bit more.

In two more weeks I will hit this same general area when I go backpacking with a couple of friends. Unfortunately, I don't think that I'll get another chance to find a way to the southern mountains before that, and only a few chances after that. In the meantime, I'm pining for the mountains of Southern Appalachia.

For the time being, here are representations of memories from last year:

Overlook near the summit of Walker Mountain.

Afternoon rain returns to the skies after a brief downpour along a road cut.

Pausing for a self-portrait at Monster Rock on Walker Mountain.

Moss along a trail.

Camp Creek Falls on the Virginia/West Virginia border.

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