Sunday, May 23, 2010

Four Views of a Waterfall

Four views of a waterfall in Camp Creek State Park:

I stitched these together from photographs I took at one of the better known waterfalls in Camp Creek State Park in West Virginia. Since I don't own an SLR camera with a wide-angle lens I often take a series of photos and use the Canon stitch program to link them into an image resembling a wide-angle photograph. This sometimes yields good results, but most of the time there are glaring anomalies in the pictures.

These turned out relatively well with glitches in the lighting and joints. But overall they give a good indication of the scenic quality of that waterfall. The flow of water on the creek was decent the day I was there. The week before the area had experienced some extreme flooding, to the point that parts of the park were closed from water damage, including one of the campgrounds that had been inundated.

Taken from a boulder level with the top of the falls.

Not sure if the pool would be good for swimming, but it looks like decent wading territory.

The water was really inviting the day we were there.

I like the layer-cake aspect of the sedimentary rock.

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