Monday, May 17, 2010


A couple of years ago, when the Republicans were really trying to generate some racist groundswell, things were reaching a fever pitch when it came to the subject of "illegal immigrants". Everyone knew who they were talking about--generally people who hailed from Mexico, but also from other points mainly in Central America. One guy I knew seemed very upset at the "illegal aliens" and was complaining to me about them, asking me what I thought. This guy is Italian and Catholic and has a Jewish wife, so he should have known better than to buy into that "illegal immigrant" bullcrap.

So I let him have it. Both barrels. Twelve gauge JR Smith double-ought buckshot.

I think he got the message.

The thing is, I don't care about "illegal immigrants". I don't care. If they get health care, so be it. If their children can go to school, then great. If they can make money and buy groceries or even get some welfare, I don't give the first speck of shit. Good for them! As far as I can tell, almost all of them work, and they work hard. They also spend the money they make. If we all end up having to learn to speak Spanish...well, I don't care.

The way I see it (and I know the historical facts), we stole about half the nation of Mexico from them. We suckered them into a war, beat their asses, and took Texas, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Arizona, etc. and etc. We fucking stole it. So if "Mexicans" are coming across the border...well, they're just coming back.

And even if you take the position that Mexico screwed the Native Americans out of their lands the same way the USA did, then I still don't have a problem with claiming that we stole half of Mexico. You know why? Because most people from south of our border are mainly of American Indian descent. They have the blood of the Incas and the Aztecs and the Apache and the Pima and the rest of the great tribes flowing through their veins. So even then, they're just returning.

Welcome home.

Pancho Villa.


scottgogo said...

Are you insane? Illegals get all the services, welfare, healthcare, schools, emergency room visits, etc. NON OF WHICH THEY PAY FOR! They may work hard, but send a large portion of their NON-TAXED under the table income BACK TO MEXICO and out of the United States.

California is in dire straits due to their policy of supporting the illegals on the backs of the hard working American taxpayer.

I say VIVA ARIZONA and not a DIME of my money will be sent in California or any other city/state that chooses to boycott Arizona.

Fred Dodsworth said...

I love this and you for it. Made me laugh out loud and that's always a good thing. I posted a different response on my blog a couple weeks ago, not so light hearted and unequivocal, but you're better than I.

HemlockMan said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Fred!

Stuart Gardner said...

Bravo, Bob.

HemlockMan said...

Thanks, Stu!

Teresa Long-Blevins said...

To scottgogo: How many of these illegal aliens use a Social Security number-stolen or otherwise- and CANNOT claim that money at the end of the year? Where does that money go? Who is using that money? Believe me, they have paid their taxes and so deserve any help they apply for.

Crops are rotting in the fields of Alabama farmers because the people who said illegals are stealing our jobs WON'T work in the fields. Alabama is now using 'slave labor' in the form of inmates in privately owned prisons. You should check out how much they are being paid per day. Now, thanks to the immigration law, YOU will be paying higher prices for produce and anything else an immigrant did for less than YOU would be paid.
Get over it already!

Teresa Long-Blevins said...

To: scottgogo:
How many illegals use the Social Security number of a deceased person? They can't file to get their taxes back. Where does THAT money go? I think they should be allowed to use whatever services they apply for.
Alabama has crops rotting in the fields now that the illegals are gone. Why? Because the people who said the illegals are stealing our jobs WON'T do the work. It is hot, backbreaking work. That means the price of paying an AMERICAN worker to do it will drive prices up at the store and YOU will be paying for it. So Alabama has begun using a 'slave' labor force from privately owned prisons who make billions of dollars a year. You should check out how much the inmates are being paid per day.
Get over yourself. Actually, according to my Native American friends, YOU are an illegal alien!

deb's life said...

California is in dire straits due to the fact that they have run all their corporations out of there due to the tax system. Get a grip Scottgogo.

Did your people come here legally? oh yeah you're anti-illegal so of course you have proof of their legal entry into the US>

James Robert Smith said...

As I recall, that guy ended up playing the race card and claiming that he was 1/64 Cherokee or some shit like that. If I had a dollar for every white guy I know who claims his great-grandmother was a "Cherokee princess", I'd be a millionaire. What is it with racist white guys claiming to be part Cherokee?

ScottGoGo said...

Funny... I actually do have my Dept. Of Interior Indian Registration Card/Number and my Cherokee Role Card as well. My fathers side "Legally" through due process came to the US from Poland. The key here in not even my Cherokee roots on my mothers side but MORE IMPORTANT is the LEGAL entry into this country by my forefathers. I say again, if you snuck into the country illegally meaning the first thing you do when entering the USA is break our laws you should be dealt with as a criminal.

James Robert Smith said...

As I said...the sheer number of white racists claiming Cherokee heritage. LOL!

RepubliKKKans and their racist ways are on the way out, dude. Get used to it.

ScottGoGo said...


I think it is very clear here who the racist is. Nothing I have said in any of my posts has even been one bit racist. As a matter of fact, i stated illegals which could be any color, any race including caucasian if they enter the country illegaly. Your post is pointedly toward the white man so it is very, very clear who the racist is.

ScottGoGo said...

Nice censorship James. At least you, me and God know your true colors.

James Robert Smith said...

What censorship? I only delete comments when they threaten my life (which happens from time to time) or when they praise Stan Lee (which is kind of the same).