Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Color Coming In.

We picked up our travel trailer from the RV service center in Terrell, NC. They did quite a lot of repair work that needed to be done, including replacing the power converter that was wiped out by the lightning strike on our last camping trip.

Arriving back at home, I noticed that the leaf changes are starting to hit home in the neighborhood. So I took a couple of photos. One of the house across the street, and one of a small dogwood in the back yard. Dogwoods are among the first trees to start changing color in the Fall.

So far, it doesn't feel like Autumn, at all. Temperatures are in the mid to high 80s. They say that this past September broke yet another record for heat. Alas.

Picking up the Casita from Terrell Camping Center.

Back home where she belongs! (Well, when we're not camping.)

The neighbor's house across the street. Color coming in!

Little dogwood at the edge of the parking lot.

Spider on the window! Yikes!

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Fall colors are on the way. Looking forward to seeing them. Until then, here are various Autumn colors I have photographed from a wide variety of locations. (And, yes, we have a camping trip scheduled in the midst of the color change in the mountains.)

Stone Mountain State Park, NC.

Stone Mountain SP, NC.

Stone Mountain SP, NC.

Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte, NC.

Kumbrabow State Park, WV.

Kumbabow, WV.

Seneca Rock, WV.

Seneca Rock, WV.

San Juan Mountains, CO.

San Juan Mountains, CO.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Rock Climbing.

Now and again I'll consider taking a class and learning some light rock climbing. Sometimes I'll look up on the walls and see someone making their way to the top of a cliff face and it seems like something I might want to try. And then I think of Mr. Gravity and come to my senses.

So I'll continue to hike and occasionally I'll do some light scrambling...maybe top out at what they term "Class IV". But nothing more serious than that.

Stone Mountain, North Carolina. Said to be one of the easiest places around to learn rock climbing.

Joshua Tree National Park, California. Where I did some rock scrambling and boulder climbing in 2010.

Saturday, September 03, 2016


I have noticed, that everyone says that they would be this guy:

But in reality, everyone who says that would actually be one of these guys:

Why? Because they wouldn't want to be this guy:

Or one of these guys:

Frankly, they would, in fact, want to be one of these guys.

Because when you get right down to it, most of us are just a bunch of Good Germans.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Phil Ochs is Gone.

Phil Ochs is gone.
Now, there...there was a brave man.

But he's gone now.
The darkness got him.
The bad guys got him.
The ignorance and hatred and want and greed.
All that took him down.

I still listen to his songs.
And I still hear his voice.
At the conclusion of many of those tunes...
you can hear the applause.

But he's still gone.
And the applause has faded into dusty memories.

Worse than that, though:
All of those hands that produced that applause,
all of those people willing to listen,
to hear the truth...

They're all gone, too.
One way or another...
they're all of them gone.

Phil Ochs.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hiatus? What hiatus?

Whoa. For those loyal readers who stop here to see what's up, my apologies. I have been ill off and on and haven't been able to post. Also, my computer modem was on the fritz. I had to use my cell phone and tablet to access the Internet and those are not, of course, conducive to posting material on this blog.

For today, just some images as place holders. I'll have some decent content online here in a day or so.

As everyone knows who heard my whining last year, the horrible fires in Glacier National Park in August of 2015 chased away most of the wildlife. This was one of only two bears I saw in the Park while I was there. This one was in Many Glacier and was VERY far away. Just a classic black phase black bear. He was, however, quite healthy and was already putting on fat for the winter ahead.

This is Big Spring in Missouri. One of the largest freshwater springs in North America. From a trip in 2008.

I took this one a couple of years back. When I was a kid gazing up at the Moon in expectation of the impending Apollo 11 Mission, I would have killed to have had a camera capable of this kind of image. Now you can buy a camera that can do this for $50 on Ebay.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Spider in a Falcon

Here's a true story that's been with me for over 50 years:
My favorite car my parents ever owned was a Ford Falcon. Just a great car. The thing I liked most was that it had a bright red leather interior. Could have been faux leather...I don't recall. But just this brilliant crimson interior. One day we were riding along and I was sitting in the back passenger seat looking out the window. Somehow, I noticed a movement at my left elbow and I looked down. In the leather upholstery was a tiny hole and inside that tiny hole I could see a spider...a black, black, black, black spider of the most amazing obsidian hue. In retrospect, it was probably a black widow. But the spider kept coming to the edge of the little hole and peering out, it's gleaming legs barely visible.
Then it hit me. Sometimes (this was the days before every car had factory-air as a given) flies would settle beyond the back seat and hunker down between the glass and the leather. I looked. Sure enough there was a big, fat fly back there. I caught the lazy bastard without killing it and...just out of curiosity...I offered it to the spider. Just held it up there at the entrance to the tiny hole.
Those bitch-ass spider legs REACHED out faster than light and grabbed that fucking fly! Took that sumbitch right on back there into the shadows.
Next day, I rode along once more and the first thing I did was catch a damned fly in the back window. Once again...I offered it up to the spider. Same reaction. SNAG!
I felt like I was doing a good deed. Also...and this was the neatest part...I had a pet spider! How freaking cool was that?
This went on almost every day for about two weeks. One day I caught a fly and placed it at the hole. Nothin'. I pushed the fly in a little closer. No reaction. I realized the spider was gone. Kaput. Fled the scene of the crime.
Not long after that my dad hit a whitetail buck while driving the Falcon at about 75mph on the Interstate. They got the car home somehow. I remember seeing the car in the back yard, the grill mashed in, the hood partially buckled, deer hair and deer blood all the frack over the damned thing. I'm not sure how they got it back to Decatur, but the insurance folk totaled it out and that was the end of the Ford Falcon. I never did get to see if any tiny black spiders hatched out of that tiny spider's den in the red leather upholstery.

Not the model my parents owned (theirs wasn't a convertible), but that was the interior color, by Jove.