Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rand Paul is a Sack of Shit

And here's a particularly huge bastard, Rand Paul, pining for the days when it was okay to be a racist shithead. The people of Kentucky are dumber than they look.

Rand Paul: Officially a sack of shit.

I mean, totally FUCK YOU, RAND PAUL! You lousy, stinking, worthless, pro-corporate, racist bag of buzzard puke! Fuck you and your stinking goddamned stupid shithead Libertarian father, too!

Take your so-called apology and change of mind about being a racist fuckhead and jam it up your asshole, you shit-smeared, scum-crawling, vomit-eating pig.

Death to the BP executives. Take care of them with a type of "top kill". It involves shooting lead bits into them through steel tubes.

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