Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Color Coming In.

We picked up our travel trailer from the RV service center in Terrell, NC. They did quite a lot of repair work that needed to be done, including replacing the power converter that was wiped out by the lightning strike on our last camping trip.

Arriving back at home, I noticed that the leaf changes are starting to hit home in the neighborhood. So I took a couple of photos. One of the house across the street, and one of a small dogwood in the back yard. Dogwoods are among the first trees to start changing color in the Fall.

So far, it doesn't feel like Autumn, at all. Temperatures are in the mid to high 80s. They say that this past September broke yet another record for heat. Alas.

Picking up the Casita from Terrell Camping Center.

Back home where she belongs! (Well, when we're not camping.)

The neighbor's house across the street. Color coming in!

Little dogwood at the edge of the parking lot.

Spider on the window! Yikes!