Monday, March 01, 2010

The Signing Event!

The book signing was held at Tales of Mystery & Imagination Bookshop in downtown Glendale, California. As I had not been to California in about 15 years, and Carole had never been, we did our best to cram as much sight-seeing into our few days there as possible.

I was asked to get to the bookstore by 1:00 pm. So we got up at 6:00 am and first went to downtown Hollywood (I'll try to post photos tomorrow) and then to the LaBrea Tar Pits (I'll post the second half of those photos in a couple of days), and then we headed over to the bookstore. We managed to get there pretty much on time, with a few minutes to spare.

Out in front of the bookstore on Brand Street.

The nicely painted window.

After the elder authors (Bradbury and Corwin) arrived, we all assembled for group photos. In this one, the only person not visible is William F. Nolan. Hamner is leaning forward to talk to Mr. Corwin.

Ray Bradbury is in the building.

One of America's greatest living authors signs my copy of THE BLEEDING EDGE. It is a wonderful privilege to have my work appear with his.

The crowds were intense! Hundreds of fans arriving to get our autographs. We pretty much signed non-stop for about three hours.

The phenomenal bookstore where we signed. The elder writers were stationed at the front of the store, and the remainder of us were in the upstairs annex where I captured this booklover's dream of an image.

James Robert Smith and Earl Hamner, Jr.

Evening had settled in and the store was closing for the day. And many of us were headed out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then a jaunt over to see the Robert Williams art show. More on that amazing art show tomorrow!

Tomorrow...I see Robert Williams art, and meet the artist.


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