Thursday, March 11, 2010

Die, Monster, Die!

Okay. Dick the-prick Cheney had another heart attack.

Due to the wonderful government-run health care this monster receives, he survived his fifth heart attack. This is amazing and shows what great medical care you can receive if you are lucky enough to get government-run health care. I do truly hope that Reichsminister Cheney will die very soon. He's a pus-filled sore on the face of Society and it sickens me to think that he continues to enjoy his days.

It seems fitting that mass murderers such as Dick Cheney be punished for their war crimes, but when you commit crimes against humanity for the most powerful nation on Earth you get to live out your life in comfort and freedom.


The funniest thing about his latest heart attack is at the following website (link below). Almost uniformly the reader comments are for this hideous creature to suffer and die. I concur:

Die, Monster, Die!


dogboy443 said...

holy shitski! I'm surprised he even has a heart.

HemlockMan said...

In the sense of having a normal sense of morals and of compassion, he doesn't. I will open a celebratory bottle of wine and drink a toast to his death when he finally croaks.