Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Before I Croak

Many people have a place that they really, really, really want to see before they croak. Most of these places are locations like Yellowstone National Park, or Rome Italy, or Cape Town South Africa, or the Panama Canal, or the Caribbean. Normal places.

Me, I want to visit Baffin Island before I'm worm-food.

Specifically, I want to go to Baffin Island National Park and hike to see some of those other-worldly mountains. The first time I saw photographs of Mount Odin and Mount Thor and company, I thought that they were a Photoshop product or were video captures from some fantasy film.

It's an expensive place to visit. I'd have to have a lot of dough to afford the transportation and the guides to take me there. But I'd like to see it in person while I'm on the Earth.

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