Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Skull Rock and TWILIGHT ZONE

While we were in Joshua Tree National Park, one of the spots we hit was Skull Rock. This was so that I could climb around on the boulders like the big kid that I am. It's called Skull Rock for the obvious reason that it resembles a quasi-human skull.

However, I could not help but think of the TWILIGHT ZONE episode "Eye of the Beholder" which aired when I was just a tiny kid and which starred Donna Douglas, best known for playing Elly May Clampett on THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES. So, here is the photo I took of Carole standing beside Skull Rock:

And here is the creature effects makeup by William Tuttle from "Eye of the Beholder":

It seemed fitting that the next day I would meet so many people who were so closely involved in the production and creation of the original TWILIGHT ZONE television series.

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