Sunday, February 28, 2010

Waterfalls in Tennessee

We saw this waterfall in a weird state park in Tennessee. It was a nice trip, but my favorite part of it was spent hiking outside the park in a wilderness called The Great Gulf. One nice thing about this area was that--at least at the time (2007)--the hemlock wooly adelgid had not reached this section of the Cumberland Plateau, and the hemlock trees were free of infestation and completely healthy.

I took this photo from a very high vantage point. But actually these waterfalls were pretty high. (I took this in the midst of a truly horrid drought, so water levels were extremely low.) Despite appearances, these falls were about seventy feet in height.

I continue to work on the current novel. It's coming along in quick order and I have to say that I'm so far happy with the work.

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