Tuesday, March 09, 2010

While I'm Writing

Some relatively recent photos from one of this winter's snowfalls. The storm came in and dropped about four inches of snow and then was racing off east to the sea. When we woke up it was pretty, but by late afternoon it was just a memory. I figured that would be the way of it, so I ran out and took some photos in the early morning.

This was the back yard early in the a.m. before the sun was up.

And likewise the front yard.

I took this one at work. This little puff of a bird was high in a tree, seeming not a lot more substantial than the light snow around him. I got this one with the telephoto setting. Best I could do. He looks small and vulnerable, like all of nature that I care about.

I'm working away at the novel. This is what will keep me from doing much in the way of any detailed posts for the foreseeable future.


dogboy443 said...

Snow, Snow, what is snow? We haven't had any decent accumulation in months.

HemlockMan said...

We didn't really have that much here in Charlotte. You'd think from the reaction of the locals that we did, but of the three so-called snow events we had this winter, only one lasted more than a few hours before melting away.

The NC mountains, on the other hand, have had a kick-ass snow year. Record-breaking, from what I understand. It hasn't been unusually cold up there...just lots of moisture in conjunction with normal cold weather. Tons o' snow.