Monday, March 29, 2010

Various Waterfall Videos, 2007

The following are just some short video footage I shot at different places we visited in 2007.

Self-explanatory. Virgin Falls, likely the strangest waterfall I've ever seen. The experience was striking for many reasons--unique topography, solitude, and the amazing temperature inversion as I descended into first the gorge and then the sinkhole.

This is the cave from which Virgin Falls emerges. Notice the clarity of the water. It was very cool and inviting in the mouth of that cave!

The view of Virgin Falls that you get if you hike down into the sinkhole. The water just vanishes into the ground without a trace.

This one is near Mount Washington in Hew Hampshire. I saw it when I went to climb the peak. The colors of the rock in New England are something else. We don't tend to have that pink granite here in the South. (This is a very famous waterfall, but I can't recall the name! Sorry!)

Blackwater Falls in Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia. Dig all of those then-healthy Eastern hemlocks! I wonder if they're still doing well!

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