Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trip to Asheville

I had to take my son and wife to Asheville. It was a bit of a whirlwind trip, but since the drive up is only about two hours, it's not something that we don't look forward to. My son especially likes the town because everyone there looks like him. As the bumper stickers say: "Weird is Normal in Asheville". When we drove into town there was a peace march going down the center of town. Very cool.

In a cleared area near the Hamrick's store that my wife likes to shop along the Interstate in South Carolina there is an historic one-room schoolhouse with an amusing name. I'd never looked at it up close before, so I hiked across the grassy field to see it.

Sign on the front door.

It was locked, so I did my best to take a photo of the inside through the window.

The Mellow Mushroom. This is our favorite fast food restaurant in Asheville. We generally try to eat there. They serve vegetarian dishes, so my son is able to find stuff on the menu.

Andy and Carole. We ate on the outside tables.


The view at the old buildings across the street from the Mellow Mushroom.

This little bird was panhandling from us. I got a kick out of feeding him/her.

A building near where we parked the truck.

I hadn't realized when I parked my truck that it was sitting next to the Thomas Wolfe Memorial. This was the boarding house owned by his family where he was raised.

Thomas Wolfe's bronzed shoes. I'm a size 13, so that fucker had some big goddamned feet.

The front of the house. It's a big one and must have been quite a spacious rooming house.

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