Monday, March 15, 2010

Junk Mail Poetry!

One of my pals sometimes makes junk mail poetry from the stuff that hits his email inbox. I have a secondary account that I use when I log in to various political/shopping/news/petition sites and I don't want them sending spam to my primary account. So here is the junk mail poetry for today from that particular inbox:

Email Poetry
By James Robert Smith's Secondary Email Inbox

Freshwater fish contaminated with mercury
Product Ideas and inventions wanted
Free shipping: Shop our Home Sale and Save 30-60%
John Cory: Circus of Fear
Tikkun: Healing in Community Phone Forum
Own the #1 Orthodontics in the World
Tell Congress to Protect our Fisheries from Collapse
Robert Reich: The Sham Recovery
Get a Grant to Pay for your Education
We Want to Buy Your House!
Ending Soon: $25 for $2
15% Off Sitewide Sale Ends Sunday!
Paul Krugman: Health Reform Myths
Get Quotes for Term Life Insurance
Frank Miller/Weird War Tales
Climate Change Effects Women More
Mammoth Hot Springs

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