Monday, March 02, 2009

Storm of the Pfft

The roads are in bad shape today. In fact, the route to the park where I wanted to hike is clogged with traffic due to accidents. I could probably figure another route to the park, but who knows if I'd face the same problems? So I'll hang out at the house today with Carole and just take it easy.

The snow storm was okay. It was fun watching the stuff coming down last night. At times it was truly heavy. I think we ended up with about four inches of snow here in the neighborhood. One funny thing is that it's still cloudy out (almost 11:00 am) when we were told the clouds would have cleared out by now. Of course the whole storm didn't quite follow the script we were given by the weather service. It started later than predicted and the temperatures didn't fall quite as much as they'd thought. We stayed just above freezing until very late in the storm. Else we'd have had more accumulation, I figure.

At any rate, we did have some snow. A decent amount that makes for pretty photos, but nothing to freeze commerce in its tracks. (The previous political administration seems to have done that for us.)

If you listen closely, you can hear thunder just as I'm turning off the video. I wish I'd left the camera on a few seconds longer. Thunder during a snowstorm. Cool.

Arriving home about 7:30 pm. Storm was just kicking in.

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dogboy443 said...

Cool, I haven't heard Snow thunder in a long time!!!