Sunday, March 01, 2009


They've promised us snow. NOAA has been predicting a kick-ass winter storm for the Charlotte area. I'm patiently waiting. I like the snow, as I only have to put up with it on rare occasions, and most of those by choice (trips to the high country). But I do want to see a decent snowfall today and tonight. Currently, it is, as they like to say, pissing rain. I mean really, really raining. It's coming down in sheets. If it was snow instead of rain, we'd have a couple of feet.

My plan is (if it does actually snow) to drive to a nearby state park and hike around in the fluffy stuff. We'll see what happens. They're calling for upwards of more than half a foot of snow, which would give us the heaviest snowfall for this area since 2004. We'll see.

Series of photos from the last time I went hiking through a decent snowfall: March 05, 2005, to the summit of Mount LeConte in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


elroy99 said...

Whereas here at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, we're looking at temperatures in the 70s. In early March. Not a trace of snow left from the last snow, whenever that was. And what's more...we're EIGHTY-NINE percent behind on precipitation. That's pretty bad for an area already classified as "high desert." Something you might want to bring up when your local conservafaggots use your freak snowstorm as "proof" there's no such thing as climate change or global warming.

dogboy443 said...

8 inches of snow and counting. Wish You Were Here.

HemlockMan said...

Roy: Yeah, the odd snowfall here and there is always fuel for the Global Warming Deniers. I hear the western drought is getting worse. Hope it doesn't parch like the one we've been suffering through here in the southeast for the past three years. We're just now coming out of that one.

Mark: Some areas around here got 8+ inches of snow. We ended up with about four inches in my neighborhood. Still, the best snowfall we've had in a while.