Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lilly Says...

Lilly says...

The friends of my enemy are my enemies.
(Wait a minute! I'm just a cute kitten. I'm too cuddly to have enemies!)

While this has been a lousy year for me as far as hiking and peak-bagging go, it's been a really good one for writing. In the past few months I completed a horror novel (THE LIVING END), and I'm within a few thousand words of wrapping up a second novel (VERY STRANGE), one on which I'd been working, off and on, for an extremely long time. The big difference in my novel writing has been my purchase last year, after the first of the movie money came in, of a laptop computer. This has enabled me to work on my fiction whenever I take my lunch breaks. It might not seem like much, but just the addition of a few hundred to a couple of thousand words per day has meant that I can really make a lot of headway on my various fiction projects.

Giving the Casita a much-needed pressure washing. Got to clean her up for our first big trip of the camping season!

On the leisure time front, my hobby has always been hiking and backpacking, and the loss for a few months of the use of my travel trailer really put a dent in that aspect of my life. Since 2005, I've depended on the use of the Casita as a base camp from which I've been able to tackle various trails around the southeast. When the leak developed in the onboard water system, this prevented us from being able to take the trailer out. Now that it's fixed I can begin to use it as a base camp again. I'm really looking forward to getting back that part of my leisure time.

Looking over the trailer as we get ready to pre-pack for our long trip.

It's always fun getting ready to start the vacation season!

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