Wednesday, March 25, 2009

End of the Hike

Toward the End of a Long Day.

Jack took this shot of Boone, me, and Andy Kunkle at our last stop along the Rock Jock Trail. I, particularly, had to make a rest stop. My thighs were cramping from being out of shape for all of the extreme climbing we'd been doing. Also, my body had sweated out a lot of minerals and this always exacerbates the cramping in my thighs, sometimes even when I'm in good physical condition. I was eating a peanut butter bagel to get some salts and such back into my system. Jack ended up giving me a caffein-loaded aspirin pain killer that finally did the trick and got me feeling normal again.

The Critter Philosopher

Accepting an apology is like offering your back to a very sharp blade.

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