Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Casita

I had today off. So I slept in very late and then drove over to Terrell NC where my Casita trailer was waiting for me at Terrell Camping Center. If you have a travel trailer or other RV and need it serviced, these guys are the place to go. They are extremely honest and do great work and their fees are more than reasonable. Plus, they're the friendliest folk I've encountered in the RV world. I highly recommend them.

My rig as I picked it up. You can see the thing I really enjoy about my Casita trailer. It's so compact! My truck and trailer together take up less space than most single RVs. This is why I'm able to take the trailer to very remote camping areas in our National Forests.

I picked up the trailer, took it back to my wife's old home place where we store it, and got it back into shape by loading the bedding and testing out the systems. The leak that had prevented us from using the trailer has been completely fixed. After filling the onboard water tanks I tried out everything and then drained the tanks. And I even took a nap in the trailer--the first time I'd slept in there for far too long. Yeah, I like my travel trailer.

Me and the Casita, safe at home.

When I got back to town I went to run a few errands with my son, Andy. He wanted to hack off some of his hair, which was good news to me. He didn't get it cut as short as it should be (in my opinion), but he doesn't look like Jesus of Nazareth any more. After that, we went to eat at a Japanese restaurant called Shiki that we'd never tried. Pretty decent food, so we'll go back there. We had habachi steak and had sushi rolls as appetizers. The sushi was so delicious that we're going to try a sushi meal when we return.

Andy, just before entering the barber shop.

Dude! That was the best you could do?! The woman has clippers, man!

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