Sunday, March 22, 2009

Me and the Boys

Me and the Boys.

Jack Thyen on the left. Me and Boone the dog in the middle, Andy Kunkle on the right with his back turned. This was a great little beach and swimming hole along the Linville River. Just over the bank up in the trees is the best campsite I've yet seen in the gorge. I'll have to go back there in the summer and camp.

I took this one along the Rock Jock Trail. A lot of the trail travels through forests totally ravaged by the fires in 2007. These fires were so intense that they were able to even burn the rhododendron and consumed the peaty soil. It's going to take decades for the forest to recover from those fires.

Andy Kunkle and his dog, Boone in Split Rock along the Rock Jock Trail.

Remember the old saying about not looking down? I kept looking down and it freaked me out so much that I hauled ass off the balanced rock. It was just too scary. I'd asked Jack to take three photos of me on the overhang, but I chickened out as he took the third one.

Sometimes I can scarcely believe that I'm lucky enough to live in a state that has this kind of scenery. This is Table Rock Mountain as seen from Dogback Mountain. Believe it or not, you can actually walk to the summit of Table Rock. Doesn't look like it can be safely done, but the trail's not too bad, from what I've heard. I've yet to hike it.

This strange little waterfall was right beside the Rock Jock Trail. I was very thirsty at this point and feared running out of water (which always results in me getting severe leg cramps). I was tempted to drink deep here and save my bottled water, but one is always fearful of giardia and other microbes. So I passed. Alas!

Andy and I discuss camera batteries as I take a video of part of Daffodil Flats.

More tomorrow...

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