Sunday, November 09, 2008

Oh, Well...


Front of Len Foote Lodge.

A couple of weeks ago my son got laid off from work. The Republican economy and all that. So I had two days off this coming week and booked us a room at the Len Foot Lodge. The cool thing about this lodge is that you have to hike to it. A five mile hike. It sits high on a mountain in the northern section of Georgia. My wife and I had such a great time there this summer that I figured Andy would also get a kick out of staying there.

However, his employer called him this past week and re-hired him! Great news and all (especially in this W. Moron Bush-ruined economy), but that meant he would have to work the days I had our reservation. Alas! So I'm going to reschedule for another day. Not sure when, but I seriously doubt we'll make the trip this year. More than likely Andy and I will have to go there in 2009.

I'd whine more about it, but we're just happy that he's working again and can count on a regular paycheck.

Amicalola Falls, at the start of the hike to Len Foot Lodge.


dogboy443 said...

Good for Andy. I have friends who aren't working and they're scared. My pal John (The Curmudgeon), is 62 and was laid-off back in April. I was able to hire him as a freelance designer with him working enough hours so his unemployment has been extended. If it wasn't for the work his well would have dried up and he'd be in deep trouble. I'm scared too, even though I', management, our company is down to under 50 where it was double that 5-6 years ago. Really scary thing is that my wife and I work together so if the company goes, we both go.

HemlockMan said...

That's pretty scary, Mark. As you know, I was once self-employed. That, too, was a frightening situation, at times. And one major reason I put a lot of effort into getting a job as a Federal employee. Talk about yer job security.