Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two of My Favorite Websites

Great websites.

These are two of my favorite websites.

First of all, there's this one, which I hit probably four or five times a week during hurricane season:

National Hurricane Center. It's run by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), which runs an overall great website.

Another of my favorite sites is this one:

Latest earthquakes. It's operated by the United States Geological Survey, which also has a wonderful website.

I can go to these websites and find nothing but pure information. It's science. In some cases over the past eight years, the dissemination of science has been muzzled by the stinking asswipe moron who has illegally inhabited the White House, abusing power like no one before him.

But when I go to these two websites I know that I'm going to find solid information uninfected by either politics or the mass delusion we know as religion. Here, I can peruse the world's environment without being bothered by some asshole spouting dogma. Just the facts and figures, man. Just the results of the scientific method.

They're nice websites. Check 'em out.

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