Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November at Davidson River

November 2006

In November I hitched up the trailer and took my nephew Mark, his son Harris, and my son Andy to the Davidson River Campground in the Pisgah National Forest. I wanted to take them to Panthertown Valley and do some hiking.

I love the trails here in the southern highlands. It's just a great experience to hike through a rhododendron tunnel.

When photographing waterfalls, sunlight is generally your enemy. It's just too hard to capture the water when the sun is blazing down on the scene. We caught this one, The Falls of Greenland Creek, before the sun could rise fully above the gorge and brighten it out.

The crew is not happy with me. I got them lost on the wrong trail. Later, I found out that we were on the right trail, but the distance was greater than I had thought. We turned around and headed back to camp.

Just before dark, we drove to Sliding Rock and watched it, wondering what it would be like to go swimming there. Too bad it was below freezing.

The next day, the weather warmed up and we hiked up to the top of Sam Knob. Always a great hike!

Nothing like making it look as if an infant is in peril.

Can you believe it? Bob didn't get us lost today!

Tomorrow, the last trips of 2006...

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