Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Virginia Creeper Replay (Continued)

One more post about the Virginia Creeper Trail.

The Green Cove Station (where we took the group photo on the flatbed rail car).

These folk were performing at a small restaurant beside the trail. They were quite good.

Typical trail conditions.

One of the many great views along the way. You never have time to get bored.

Cindi relaxing on a rock outcrop beside the waterway.

You can't count the waterfalls on the creeks that parallel the trail.

The Appalachian Trail crosses the Virginia Creeper, and even shares the same route for a short distance.

This lady was relocating a hog-nosed black snake from an exposed spot on the trail to a safer place. Not everyone is kind to snakes.

One of the trestles was so impressive that I had to climb down to get a shot from below. Everyone else thought that I was daft. (I am, of course.)

Roy asking me if it was worth the steep climb. (It was.)

The trestle at eye level. The longest one on the trail. This is the trestle that was burned by local assholes who were against the trail when people were first trying to convert it from a rail right-of-way into a biking/hiking/horseback trail. The same scumbags probably owe at least a portion of their incomes to the fact that this trail exists.

Carole takes a break.

One of the few places where you actually have to pedal your bike. And it was merely level ground. Most of the rest of the ride was coasting. And, yes, the view was amazing. We couldn't have asked for a greater day and a more pleasing panorama.

The last trestle crossing before reading Damascus.

James & Emily enjoy ice cream in Damascus at the end of our trip. Damascus is often called "the friendliest town on the Appalachian Trail". In my experience, this is true. The town owes its livelihoods to various aspects of outdoor activities, which include hiking--the Appalachian Trial goes right through the little city. The folk here seem to be very happy to be in the midst of so much natural beauty, and don't mind sharing it with visitors like us.

If you're into hiking and backpacking, try to attend at least one Trail Days celebration in Damascus.

The Virginia Creeper Trail. I highly recommend it. There are plenty of places in town that will rent bikes (cruisers and trail bikes) along with shuttle services to the top of the mountain. Most of the outfitters are located right beside the trail. We chose the first one as you come into Damascus. (Can't recall the name--sorry.) But they're all decent outfits. You can rent bikes, canoes, kayaks, fishing equipment, etc. For some reason, I always forget to mention the great fishing around Damascus when I talk about this area. It's a well-known spot for great fishing--especially for native brook trout. Carole and I haven't been back to do the Virginia Creeper Trail because we'd likely get depressed biking it without the Aikens, who are now living in Colorado Springs. Alas!

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