Monday, November 24, 2008

2006, the Year of the Diet (continued)

More 2006

Indian Boundary Recreation Area in August, which I've already talked about.

This was our campsite at Indian Boundary. On this trip, we had our first damage to the Casita. A thunderstorm raged over us one evening. The water came down so suddenly and so furiously that it pooled by the gallons in the awning and bent the center awning rod and snapped a screw. I was able to jury-rig a quick fix, but had to order a new center rod for the awning.

As I've mentioned in the past, this is one of our very favorite campgrounds. Our next opportunity to hit the mountains was at Hurricane Campground in the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area in southwestern Virginia. Two streams run through the campground, so that no matter which side you choose for your tent or trailer, you're almost assured of being waterfront.

I hiked to see a notable waterfall while at Hurricane. The hike was pleasant, but hardly worth the effort. For the waterfall was barely six feet tall, and I discovered after arriving there, that the head of the falls was beside a parking lot with road access to the falls. What a rip!

They had some nerve calling this a "waterfall". A minor cascade (if that).

The old folks take it easy by the campfire.

The next day I walked up a nearby 4,000-foot peak. Nice, but I can't recall its name!

Later that same day I hiked down to Rowlands Creek Falls, which deserves much praise for being a great waterfall in a great, isolated location. But I hiked in very late and almost got caught in the dark. And I hate hiking in the dark, even if I do carry a headlamp with me everywhere I go hiking.

More tomorrow. This old man is tired...

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