Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Making Good

Back in early December of 2006, we drove up to the Allegheny County to nab our Christmas tree as we try to do every year. On that occasion, we took a side trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway to Doughton Park where I looked at the rocky cliffs of Bluff Mountain plunging down to the valley far below.

Picnic under a lone pine at the top of Bluff Mountain.

These aren't the kinds of cliffs where you can fall quickly to a painful death. Instead, they're more like vast rocky ribs that hug the steep slopes of the mountain. Then, that cool December day, I promised myself to visit that spot again and go scrambling around on those tough ridges.

View of the Blue Ridge Parkway from the cliffs.

This weekend, I kept that promise to myself. After taking a look at Carole's land on Peach Bottom Mountain, we drove over to Bluff Mountain where Andy and I hiked to the top of the cliffs. While Andy waited for me, I downclimbed where I took a lot of photos and a video.

Big Daddy scrambles down the cliffs.

After enjoying the views and gawking at the amazing Fall colors, which were at their peak, I climbed back up to the top of the cliffs where Andy was waiting.
It was fun. Not at all dangerous. What they call Class III scrambling. I got a scrape on my knee, and a small cut on my left arm, and an eye full of fantastic scenery.

You are crazy, old man. I'll wait up here.

I like keeping promises like that one.

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