Monday, December 30, 2013

National Parks

Carole and Andy and I love touring National Parks. Of course we're generally stuck seeing the few we have here on the east coast. But I want to visit another west coast Park this year. One that Carole wants to see desperately in Crater Lake. It's not as high on my to-see list as it is on hers, but we're thinking about it, since it would put us closer to seeing some friends we have in the Pacific Northwest.

So...maybe we'll be able to go there this year.

Our all-time favorite National Park trip was the one to see Yellowstone. Here are some photos from that trip, all firsts.

This was our first night at a little motor lodge just outside the Park. I had to have a photo of Carole and Andy in front of this goofy tree.

First encounter with a Yellowstone Park sign.

First mountain in the Park.

Our first family photo in the Park.

This was the best Andy could do with this shot. Our first sighting of a bison. He was pretty excited.

Our first hot spring/geyser.

First waterfall in the Park.

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