Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Indie Crapper!

There's a term around these days that quite actually makes me ill. It's "indie writer". What it's supposed to mean are authors who have decided to self-publish their work, rather than go through the traditional method of publishing (hard work).

But what the use of "indie writer" tells me is that the author has no talent and has added another turd to the already clogged pipeline of the fiction marketplace.

There was a time when I actually supported "indie writers". I would let them promote their books on my various online community home pages. I'd link to their books if they requested it. I'd "re-tweet" their promotions for them. If it looked like they needed it, I'd give them a pat on the back and a word of encouragement.

Enough of that crap.

If you are a self-described "indie writer", what you truly are is either a misguided idiot foisting your putrid attempts at prose onto an already burdened marketplace, or you are an ego-mad dishonest asshole out to victimize both the customer seeking quality work, and the authors who actually deserve notice who are working hard to create decent fiction.

Indie Writer. Wearing that title with pride? Whenever I see anyone brag about their status as such, I see a jackass wearing a cap of turds on their skull.

Fuck the lot of you. And whatever you do...don't ask me to help you promote your indie piece of shit.

Remember this? ATLANTA NIGHTS by Travis Tea. It was created by a group of writers to show that anything would be offered a contract at PublishAmerica. It was intentionally awful and meant as a statement to expose a worthless outfit. Now...compared to what "indie writers" produce by the thousands every day, it's a sparkling work of art. Self-publishing has wrecked English literature and the legitimate fiction marketplace.


Mark Gelbart said...

I doubt Indie writers are any worse than the best selling author Janet Evanovich.

Hey, someone gave my wife and I an audiobook copy of Joe Hill's Horns. We listened to it in the car and discovered it was surprisingly good.

I heard about him but figured his work probably wasn't that good and got published because his father is Stephen King. If you get a chance read Horns.

James Robert Smith said...

Joe Hill's not bad. I'm sure he got a tremendous leg up on everyone else for being King's son...but his work is okay.

Re: self-published crap. You obviously haven't tried to read much of it. As I've said many times...yes, there are some awful traditionally published writers; but nowhere near the ratio of shit to gold as there is in self-published fiction.