Thursday, December 19, 2013

Waiting is the Worst

In some ways, December is the worst part of the year for me. Because I work for USPS I can't take any annual leave (even if I had any left, which I don't). So basically I am stuck in the city for the duration of the month, champing at the bit to get the hell out of here while going stir crazy. In addition, the holiday season generally is not such for me. I get Christmas Day off, of course, but generally not any other day off on either side of that holiday. In addition, because no mail is delivered on Christmas, that means that the mail volume is off the freaking charts the following day. So the workload is at least doubled on the 26th.

Generally, I spend December planning my escapes from Charlotte, trying to decide where I will go hiking or camping or kayaking.

I really need to get outdoors and find some solitude. The mountains are calling.

Big time.

Using a recently fallen hardwood as a bridge in the South Mountains State Park.

Grayson Highlands area, Virginia.
Mill Creek Falls, West Virginia.

Dolly Sods Wilderness, West Virginia.

Middle Prong Wilderness (where I got lost).
Round Bald, at the NC/TN border on the Appalachian Trail.


Patricia said...

I really like your photography and your adventures. Hope you get out after Christmas and bring back more scenery. Happy Holidays!

James Robert Smith said...


I always try to take at least a thousand photos even on short excursions to the mountains. I'll bring back loads of images, for sure!