Friday, December 27, 2013

Kings Mountain National Military Park

We have a lot of local parks I've rarely visited; and a few that I've never seen, at all. One that I've been to a couple of times is the Kings Mountain National Military Park where an important Revolutionary War battle took place. And right next to it is the Kings Mountain State Park (SC) when I had never visited. So today we went to see them.

Just now I am exhausted and very sleepy. I'll post more photos and such, and details tomorrow.

National Park entrance.

The lake.

Interesting dam design. No spillway. Instead, the excess water just overtops the dam and creates a very nice waterfall.

I don't know if this was built by the CCC, but it looks like something they'd have built. It's a bath house at the lake and appears to be abandoned now. We looked in the windows and could see that all of the plumbing had been removed.
The office of Kings Mountain STATE Park. Not the National Park.

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