Thursday, December 12, 2013

Return to Peaks of Otter!

We're planning a trip back to the Peaks of Otter soon. The Lodge has reopened under new management. I wasn't sure that it would, but I was hopeful. There is still one National Park lodge on the Blue Ridge Parkway that has not reopened due to the concessionaire walking away from the property. So it wasn't a foregone conclusion that this National Park tradition would continue.

I am glad to see it back in operation again.

Not sure what trails I'll walk once I arrive there. I've hiked all three of the major peaks right around the lodge, and some of the other ones in the vicinity. I'll just have to look over my National Forest maps and figure it out.

One of the major peaks around the lodge: Sharp Top. Once thought to be the highest mountain in Virginia, it isn't even close. Still an impressive southern summit.

The back of the Lodge. Carole and I love this place. Very quiet. We don't have to go looking for a restaurant because the one on site is excellent.

A winter storm was just hitting the area when I shot this video. We were getting ready to leave and the cold rain was beginning to freeze, and snow & ice were already mixing in.

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