Sunday, December 15, 2013

Charlotte Comicon

I went to attend the local Charlotte Comicon today. I'm usually a guest there and I always get a kick out of attending. Lots of old comic books for me to look at, professional comic artists and writers to meet, and cosplay people to look at!

Today was typical for the show run by Dave Hinson and Rick Fortenberry: non-stop fun!

Early set-up. Only a few dealers and artist folk had arrived.

Artists and dealers begin to fill up the room.

One of my favorite people! Budd Root: creator of CAVEWOMAN!

Andy Smith, well-known professional inker at Marvel Comics.

My favorite back-issue dealer, Earl Shaw of Georgia.

Costumed cuties!

I ran into an old pal, Sean Conley. It was great to see him after a number of years.

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