Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Season

Hhere are some pop music, video, films, and experiences that make me think of Christmas, even though they're not actually Christmas-themed. I enjoy hearing and watching them during the Christmas season. Here are a few:

I do not know why I like listening to this song at Christmas, but I do. Maybe it's just because I find it to be a supremely sweet tune.

I do know why this one reminds me of Christmas. It's a film about redemption and coming to a sense of peace with the world. An appropriate Christmas message. (Although I do have to admit that the last line in the movie does give me a chill.)

Another great song with a sweet message delivered wonderfully by the late Robert Palmer.

Snow. Duh. I keep hoping to experience an actual white Christmas. So far...no luck. Maybe one day.


Mark Gelbart said...

Bah humbug!

Christmas-themed movies, television, and music gets on my nerves, unless it's something like Santa Claus vs. The Martians.

I've had lots of white Christmases. I lived in Ohio til I was 13, so we had snow every year, and once when I visited my mother-in-law in Lafayette, Georgia there was about a foot of snow.

James Robert Smith said...

I can dig it. It's just that I have a lot of nice childhood memories of Christmas. Some bad ones, too, but the good ones far outweigh the nasty ones.

The year we moved from Macon GA (where it NEVER snowed) to Ellijay GA (where it had historically snowed quite a lot), Macon had something like three feet of snow in one storm. I missed it, of course, but my mom was there during the storm--the local authorities put out requests for four-wheel drive vehicles and she loaned them our GMC Jimmy to rescue people.

In the four years I lived in Ellijay, it only snowed once. Once.