Thursday, December 05, 2013

Ditko Channeling Cole?

When it came specifically to Spider-Man and, to an almost equal extent, The Creeper, I always felt that Ditko was doing his best to equal, if not actually emulate the work of the late Jack Cole. Cole's work was often frantic and seemed to vibrate with animation. In the same way that some of Ditko's more creative covers were that way, and the way that many of the action sequences for Spider-Man and The Creeper were choreographed.

No one seems to have written anything about this possible connection. And the only times I've read any interviews with Ditko where anyone has asked him about influences, he has deflected the question (as he does many questions).

Even if it wasn't intentional, nobody in Silver Age comics could show action in simple 2-D the way that Ditko could. And I am always reminded of Cole's work from the Golden Age when I see Ditko's covers and action sequences.
One of Cole's simpler efforts. His more complicated bits were always reserved for the splash pages inside.
Again...Ditko channeling Cole? I think so.

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