Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Turok, Son of Stone!

I know almost nothing about the creators involved in the comic book title TUROK, SON OF STONE. The premise was pretty simple and pure magic for a kid looking for a great fantasy book that was filled with dinosaurs. It involved two Native Americans from a time never actually stated who end up being trapped in an enclosed world where dinosaurs and other supposedly extinct animals hold sway over the land. Turok and Andar do encounter other humans in this world--but they are always more primitive people who lack the superior technology of the bow and arrow, flint tools, and usually the ability to make fire. In addition, the two heroes have located a potent poison that they use on their arrowheads to keep them safe from the hoards of roaming dinosaur predators.

At one time or another I'm pretty sure that I read every issue of TUROK. And while the stories could sometimes grow rather repetitive, this dinosaur buff never got tired of them.

TUROK, SON OF STONE #5, the latest addition to my comic collection.


dogboy443 said...

Here you go:


HemlockMan said...

I'd never heard of Du Bois.

The earlier covers for TUROK are among the most astounding and effective in comics. I wonder how many of the original paintings survive?

dogboy443 said...

Check out this link. It doesn't confirm which covers are still around, but it gives examples of all of them:


HemlockMan said...

When I was a kid and I saw the cover for issue #8 of TUROK I was astounded. It remains my favorite Turok cover. Appropriately, it's cover dated the year and month of my birth.