Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wasted Day!

Completely wasted day. Crap!

For three weeks now I've been trying to remove the tires on my Casita trailer. Whoever put the tire on the right side last time (not I), put one of the lug nuts on so tight that it double-threaded. Not only that, the nut was stripped so that a lug wrench won't grip it any longer.

I tried everything. WD40, wrenches, pliers, lock-tools, hammers, cold name it. That lug nut will NOT come free. So today I pissed away my one day off for the week as I have done the past THREE weeks to try to get that goddamned lug nut off. One of my pals told me to just go ahead and bite the bullet and used a cold chisel and sledge hammer to bust the nut to bits. "Should take about fifteen minutes of hard work," he said.


After forty-five minutes of smashing and cutting and hacking at that bastard lug nut all I ended up doing was creating what looks like melted chrome all over the threaded lug. Shit!

I have a couple of other options, but it will take my day off next week to see it through. The week after that we're supposed to leave for vacation. But of course that's not happening until I get that goddamned lug nut off so that I can get new freaking tires for the trailer!


I could have gone hiking today.


Bob Fleck said...

There is no problem so large or so small that it cannot be solved through the appropriate application of high explosives.


HemlockMan said...

Believe me...that thought occurred to me.