Sunday, April 03, 2011

Disney Loot

A while back, when I started collecting comics as a hobby, it was a pleasant surprise to find that some of my favorites had actually declined in popularity and demand. This was pleasant because I mainly want to read the originals and wasn't as concerned with high grades. And mid-grade books that I wanted were, I soon discovered, amazingly available at pretty cheap prices. In some cases I found that I could easily buy 50-year-old issues of Disney comics for less than the price of a new comic!

In the past few months I concentrated on my old Marvel collection and let the Disney and Walt Kelly stuff languish for a bit. I've actually noticed some increased interest in the old Duck books by Carl Barks, but I hope it isn't a continuing trend. At any rate, I have been able to buy some pretty cool issues at low prices in the past few weeks.

I asked one of my comic book dealer friends why the prices of old comics by Carl Barks have decreased so much in demand, and it's his opinion that the main culprit is that virtually all of Barks' Duck material is available in some reprint format, or has been over the years. Therefore, you can buy the stories you want without having to resort to locating and purchasing the original books in which those stories appeared.

I concur.

But I love the smell of old pulp and personally I'd rather have the old comic in my hands than some new collection with coated pages and glaring color.

Give me the old stuff.

Donald Duck #54. I loved this issue as a kid because in this one Donald and the nephews enter a lost world packed with...dinosaurs!

Uncle Scrooge #12.

Uncle Scrooge #33.

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