Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Ditko and Water

Steve Ditko had a way with illustrating water that was unique in my comic book reading experience. There was something about the way he illustrated his characters interacting with water. And it was something he went back to several times during his tenure on his Amazing Spider-Man title. As far back as the first Amazing Spider-Man Annual he wrote stories in which water played an integral part in Spider-Man's struggles against his enemies.

And, of course, the ultimate Ditko storyline featured water in a huge way. The story arc from issues 31 through 33 culminated in a titanic (sorry) struggle beneath the river in the crumbling underwater hideout of Doctor Otto Octavius.

Amazing Spider-Man #29.

Amazing Spider-Man #31

Amazing Spider-Man #33 which features what is, to my way of thinking, the single finest superhero comic book story ever created; plotted, written, penciled, and inked by Steve Ditko.

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