Friday, April 22, 2011

Wakulla Springs

This was at Wakulla Springs. Inside a state park called Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park. I suppose they had to add the name of the guy who owned the land before the state got custody of it. There's an amazing inn there that I would very much like to stay. Carole and I tried to book a room there once but sometimes it's hard to find a vacancy.

There's a high diving platform over one side of the spring. This is apparently one of the deepest fresh water springs on Earth. Even close in to shore it drops off precipitously. The depth at the foot of the diving platform is over forty feet.

And there I go over the edge.

Just enough time to pinch my nostrils shut!


Unfortunately we'll be too far away from this spring to visit on this trip. But Wakulla Springs is very high on my list of places to see again in Florida.