Friday, April 15, 2011

Poor Sophie

This is Sophie. She is the cat you will never see. In the many years since Sophie came to live with us, no one outside of family has set eyes on her. She is so high strung and so paranoid that if anyone other than myself, Carole, or Andy enters the house she will immediately hide.

She was this way when we got her. Sophie was about four months old when we brought her home and it took her many weeks before she would show any of us the slightest bit of affection. I don't think her first human family mistreated her intentionally, but she came from a household with several small children and I believe that they were constantly harassing her when she was a tiny kitten. Thus, her first weeks in development were in a highly defensive and fearful attitude.

Sophie's hard to photograph because she's so dark. But occasionally I'll get a good shot of her when she's in bright light or outside on the patio. These days she's starting to go gray. She's an old girl, now, about thirteen I think.

What's that sound?! You never know! What's that grass doing?! Stuff can hide in the grass! Is that a bug??!! What's that bug up to??!! I don't trust bugs!! Is that the wind??!! Was that the wind??!!

Sophies says "Buy Bob's novel, THE LIVING END! It's available in Kindle format too!"

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