Monday, April 11, 2011


The latest addition to my burgeoning comic book collection is this formerly obscure book: RACKET SQUAD #12. It's these days high on the list of some collectors because it's an early example of Steve Ditko's work. At this time, EC was dominating the comic book marketplace with cutting edge graphics depicting things that skirted the very thin edge of public acceptance. And so many publishers requested that their artists do their best to go toe to toe with the best of the EC artists. Ditko seemed eager to do this by producing some particularly strange and unsettling images during these days.

Once again I had to settle for a lower grade copy of this book, as higher grade examples are going for far more than I would want to pay right now. Still, the cover is in nice enough shape, and since Ditko didn't illustrate any of the interior work, this one's good enough for me.

RACKET SQUAD #12, cover art by Steve Ditko.


And now in Kindle!

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