Sunday, April 24, 2011

Andy and Shayna

Well, we visited Carole's mom for Easter Sunday. Carole was too tired to go to church, having been awake for 24 hours by the time we got to her mom's place. When she finally gets to bed she'll have been awake for about 36 hours. Preparing for a camping trip is a major endeavor for us. We do go prepared, I have to say.

We had a good dinner. Somehow I limited myself to modest proportions of food and didn't overdo it. Baked ham, hash-brown potato casserole, green beans, stewed carrots, deviled eggs, yeast rolls, and key lime pie. One glass of wine, several of tea. Yeah. It was pretty darned good.

Andy joined us and brought his girlfriend to meet us. Carole had met Shayna before, but I never had. She's very sweet and it was good to finally meet her.

I spent the lion's share of the day working on the Casita and getting her ship-shape for the looming trip. One of my co-workers who also owns one had discovered a new method of shining up the fiberglass gel-coat. So he gave me directions of what to buy and how to apply it and I had at the task. I was very much impressed with the results. The trailer is shining almost like new!

Andy and Shayna.

The Casita glowing with three fresh coats of shiny stuff!


dogboy443 said...

Can I get that hash browns potatoe casserole recipe?


The DPS Kid said...

I didn't know Andy had a woman. That's great Bob and always very very important. Bob here is a link to something you might like.

HemlockMan said...

Mark: I'll get Carole to email it to you!

Lee: Yep. Took forever for him to bring her over.

HemlockMan said...

Lee: There's a reason they say "The wackos from Waco."