Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tiny Home Away from Home

I'm not sure how many interior photos I've posted here of my tiny Casita travel trailer.

That trailer has been a true sanity-saver for me. It allows me and Carole to get the hell out of the city for extended periods and also allows us access to luxuries that many do without when they go into the forests for peace and quiet. The nicest thing about the trailer is that it allows us to sleep in comfort--dry comfort. I love my tent camping trips, and I still enjoy backpacking into wilderness areas when I have to use a tent. But spending days at a time in a National Park or National Forest, it's nice to come back to a dry, secure spot after a day of hiking and scrambling.

This is a stitched panorama (such as it is) of the inside of the Casita. I took it while sitting on the bed (which can also be a dining table). The dinette is on the left. The sink and stove and refrigerator and furnace on the right. Directly above is the air conditioner. The bathroom door is closed (me in the mirror), but it has a small sink, a toilet, and a shower.

Yes, the trailer is very small. But it's perfect for us because we can take it into National Forest campsites that are far too small for a large travel trailer or motor home, and it's perfect for the two of us.

Go away. I'm sleepin'.

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