Sunday, September 13, 2009

Local Show

I went to a comic convention today. Scored a few books for my collection to celebrate a little. I also ran into my old friend, comic book dealer Earl Shaw. He hails from my home state of Georgia and is well known in the local fan community for having the best comic deals around.

I grabbed several comics illustrated by one of my favorite graphics creators, Steve Ditko. Here's old Earl with one of his latest acquisitions, an original BATMAN #1. Low grade, but still pricey for all that.

Comic book conventions are strange places. You have bizarre little sub-cultures who are always present. Like gays of old seeking company of like folk in the odd speakeasy, you see various fanatic types gathering to share their own obsessions and urgent whims.

I haven't figured out which group interests me the most--the Star Trek fans or the Star Wars fans.

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