Friday, September 25, 2009

Amy & Layton Come to Visit

This was our campsite at Edisto Island State Park. There are two campgrounds in the park. The best one is actually on the beach, with a line of nice dunes separating the campsites from the ocean. We tried to get a spot there, but it had filled up even in the months before we made our reservation.

We had to settle for a spot at the other campground in the park. It's a pretty spot, filled with lots of old oak trees. But our campsite (like half of them in that part of the campground) was very close to the road. So during the day only a thin line of trees separated us from the road noise. Not the best campsite I've ever stayed in. Other than that, though, it was a nice spot.

While we were there, my niece Amy came to see us. Her dad is my older brother Timmy (AKA Mark Harris Smith, Jr.). She is one of those people who are so adorable that it's hard to describe. She drove an hour to come to see us in the forest and she brought her son Layton to meet us, too. As with his mom, Layton is also extremely sweet and adorable. He was just about the mildest, smilingest, most agreeable baby I've ever met. (How can a grouch like me be related to two such sweet people??!!)

Amy and Layton arrive at the campground.

After we had hamburgers cooked on the grill, we retreated to the Casita to talk and relax in cooler, bug-free quarters.

Mom and son are two very happy camp visitors.

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